How to Conquer Tech Interviews

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Hello there! 👋🏾 I’m Anthony D. Mays.

Software engineering roles are hot right now. You can get paid good money for coding jobs. But there’s one thing standing in the way of that six-figure offer: the technical interview.

Technical interviewing is hard. I should know. I’ve spent over 22 years in the tech industry as a software engineer and technical interviewer with FAANG and Fortune 500 companies. Coding quizzes. Big O, algorithms, and data structures. Design problems. And don’t get me started on how overwhelming it is to grind out LeetCode or HackerRank problems. That’s true whether you have a CS degree and years of experience or just graduated a coding bootcamp.

But do you want to learn the process that the best candidates use to conquer even the hardest technical interviews at companies like Meta, Amazon, Uber, and Google? What if you could win offers of at least $150,000 or more?

You’ll love hearing how college student Tania used my interview strategy to win an internship offer from Microsoft and became a full-time software engineer. I’ll also teach you what I taught Karega, a talented young man who couldn’t afford to finish college but just landed his first major gig in tech at Cisco and scored his first six-figure offer.

All you have to do is register for my completely FREE webinar below. Allow me to give you the secrets to interviewing success. 

Screenshot of LinkedIn message from Deckard describing how he secured four offers from Microsoft, Snapchat, Wells Fargo, and Apple after being coached by Anthony Mays.

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