It's Time to Conquer Your Interviews

Learn everything you need to know to master technical interviews.

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Meet Your Instructor

I’m a software engineer with over 22+ years of experience who’s worked for top tech and Fortune 500 companies, including Google as a Senior Software Engineer. My goal is to help you understand the mindset required to tackle the toughest technical interviews in the world. Join me on this journey of mastery, and learn how to build a plan for tackling any technical interview.

Not Your Typical Course

3 hours of Video Content

Learn how to strategize for technical, behavioral, and design interviews with the right mindset.

Introducing the Code Switch

Get Anthony's raw, unscripted insights on preparing well. You've never heard technical interview advice like this.

Special Guest Appearances

Hear from 11 other tech veterans, influencers, and MAANG experts sharing decades of tech wisdom.

An Original Soundtrack

The only interview course featuring 20 original tracks hand-crafted by award winning producers.

What They're

“I love Anthony's focus on connecting the skills used for interviewing with skills that will serve you throughout your career. The quality, candor, and content is all top-notch — I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to land their dream job in tech!”
Portrait of Jason Lengstorf wearing a baseball cap.
Jason Lengstorf
“...Most of the gaps and challenges that we in the Blacks at Microsoft group uncovered for engineers (especially in marginalized communities) are addressed in this exceptional course. It's my hope that we can collaborate and infuse these exceptional resources into future plans.
Shot of Tara Walker wearing black and white sleeveless blouse and a neckless with gems.
Tara Walker
“From preparation to problem solving, breaking down the interview to the take home project - Anthony has compiled a step by step recipe for YOUR success. What I love about Anthony is that he unapologetically wants you to win, I want you to win too!”

A Tribe Called Level-Up

Subscribe to our exclusive Level-Up Community for hands-on support from your instructor, guest coaches, and other students. We’re also excited to offer Interview Pen to increase your data structures and algorithm learning to another order of magnitude.

Discord Community

All students get free access to the Level-Up Community on Discord. Chat with other students about course content and engage with weekly challenges.

Live Coaching Support

Paid subscribers get live instructor support via monthly office hours, exclusive webinars. Additionally, VIP subscribers get monthly 1:1 coaching.

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Practice with Interview Pen

Paid subscribers also get access to Interview Pen, with over 70+ hours of additional explainer videos on data structures, algorithms, and system design principles.

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