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Basic Package
One time payment
Best for assessing current readiness for phone or onsite coding interviews.
Find out whether you're ready with a realistic coding interview.
One 1-hour session
Meet via video conference
Real technical interview
Live coding
Individualized feedback
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Pro Package
Pay in full or 3 monthly payments of $183
Track progress across multiple sessions and subject areas.
Track progress and growth, covering algorithms, data structures, and more.
Three 1-hour sessions
Meet via video conference
Real technical interview
Live coding
Individualized feedback
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Good interview preparation isn’t just about studying a bunch of questions. You need to develop a balanced, disciplined approach to your study that ensures you are both practicing good problem solving techniques and also covering the breadth of topics you need to know. 

Many candidates use coding question sites to tackle random assortments of problems without any real focus. Not taking the time to get an accurate assessment of your strengths and weaknesses from an experienced interviewer means that you aren’t seeing the blind spots in your preparation that may lead to failure.

At Morgan Latimer Consulting, we focus on making sure that you have the right foundation so that you can confidently tackle any problem using the right approach and strategy. We’re not just looking for the right answer. We’re looking for the thing your prospective employer wants to know—how you think.

I absolutely encourage my candidates to practice with someone, even if they aren’t technical. Make sure to at least buy them coffee, though!

But keep in mind that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with a tech interviewer and software engineer with 20 years of experience.

Having been an interviewee, interviewer, and a panelist on hiring committees, I can offer expert insights that can help you crack into top tech companies. I know because I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped others do it too.

If you want to work with someone who will give you feedback and strategies on everything from body language to coding style, I’ve got you covered.

We’ll walk through a real coding interview from start to finish via video-conference, writing code in a collaborative editor . Then, you’ll receive specific, actionable feedback on how you did and ways to improve. Lastly, we’ll work with you to develop a plan to improve in your problem areas.

If you choose to book several sessions with us, you’ll learn exactly how to approach different kinds of interview questions focused on these key areas:

  • Algorithms & data structures
  • Dynamic programming
  • Behavioral questions
  • Systems design
  • …and more

Each session is customized to you—to your level of experience and preparation—so that we’re helping you to grow in the right areas as quickly as possible.

Think about it. Large tech firms build technology that has to scale on petabytes of data, millions of users, and billions of devices. These companies can’t just build technology the same old way smaller companies do.

Often, you’ll be asked to solve problems that haven’t been at-scale before. And to do that well, you need to understand how distributed systems work, how to plan and implement efficient solutions, and how to craft the right algorithms using the right combination of data structures, all while minimizing time and space complexity.

People who can do this are hard to find. That’s why top tech firms pay top dollar, dole out handsome benefits, and give away awesome perks to ensure that they can find and retain the right talent.

In this 50-minute recorded webinar, you’ll learn how to think like your interviewer, how to use a solid strategy for working through a coding question, and how to practice effectively.  These tips are absolutely essential for helping you prepare for interviews at top tech companies.

You can purchase it here for $49. Check out the trailer…

Yes! Students receive a 25% discount on all products and services. Subject to terms and conditions.

Named after African-American inventors Garrett A. Morgan and Lewis H. Latimer, Morgan Latimer Consulting is dedicated to lighting the way for the next generation of technologists.

Our goal is to provide exceptional technical interview coaching services to clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. By accomplishing our mission, we believe we will help build a more diverse and inclusive tech world.

Yes! We would be happy to consider providing services and products free-of-charge to 501(c)3 organizations that emphasize diversity and inclusiveness in tech. Email us at [email protected] to discuss.

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